Lawrence Adkins

Lawrence Adkins
2009 Candidate for Cambridge City Council

Home address:
Lawrence J. Adkins
45 Hayes Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Contact information:
Tel: 617-661-5949

Send contributions to:
Committee to Elect Lawrence J. Adkins
c/o: David Phillips, Treasurer
40 Howard Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

This candidate submitted only fragments of responses.

One of the ideas behind electing a City Council chosen 'at large,' by proportional representation, is diversity: diversity of profession, knowledge, opinion, education, and life experience. These are important in securing responsible democratic government. Therefore it becomes important to know for whom you are voting when you decide to work the election of a diverse City Council. Lawrence is a native of Cambridge who has raised a family, graduated from the public school system, owned and operated small business, and has a proven track record of community service. As a City Councilor his education and long term commitment to the city and its residents has prepared him to deal with the realities of working people.

I encourage you to take ownership of your city.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know your city?
  • What is your own role in city governance as a citizen under a Plan E form of government?
  • Does the school system educate, prepare and provide ALL children with the life skills need to be successful?

Special points of interest:
Provide first-rate public services and lessen the tax burden for residents by:

  • Fairly taxing commercial space; and,
  • Applying the benefits of the Triple A Bond Rating to all Cambridge residents.

Encourage development of affordable housing for people who live and work in Cambridge.

Develop environmental incentives to:

  • Maintain civic access to the Charles River water front;
  • Promote careful use of the money made available through the Community Preservation Act; and
  • Increase the amount of recycled trash.

The 50 plus Community needs:

  • Access to community based health care centers;
  • Opportunities for work and volunteer activities; and
  • Continuing education.

The suggested topics for this year are as follows:

1) Background: [biographical, etc.]

2) Top Priorities: [List about three and elaborate below]

3) Quality of Life and Public Safety (rodents, noise abatement, etc.):

4) Traffic, Parking, and Transportation:

5) Municipal Finance (Budget, Assessments, Property Taxes, etc.):

6) Government and Elections (Plan E Charter, City Manager, staff for councillors, etc.):

7) Land Use, Planning, Zoning, Density:

8) Economic Development and Commerce:

9) Human Services Programs (including youth programs and senior programs):

10) Open Space, Parks, and Recreation:

11) Energy, the Environment, and Public Health:

12) Housing:

13) Arts and Public Celebrations:

14) University Relations:

15) Civic Participation:

16) Cambridge Public Schools:

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