Marjorie Decker

Marjorie Decker
2007 Candidate for Cambridge City Council

Home address:
61 Walden Street
Cambridge, MA 02140

Contact information:

Send contributions to:
Friends of Marjorie Decker Committee
P.O. Box 390431
Cambridge, MA 02139

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The common topic areas for this year are as follows:
1) Background: [biographical, etc.]
2) Top Priorities: [List about three and elaborate below]
3) Quality of Life and Public Safety (including rodents, noise abatement, etc.):
4) Traffic, Parking, and Transportation:
5) Municipal Finance (Budget, Assessments, Property Taxes, etc.):
6) Government and Elections (Plan E Charter, City Manager, staff for councillors, etc.):
7) Land Use, Planning, Economic Development:
8) Human Services Programs: [including youth programs and senior programs]
9) Open Space, Parks, and Recreation:
10) Energy, the Environment, and Public Health:
11) Housing:
12) Arts and Public Celebrations:
13) University Relations:
14) Civic Participation:
15) Cambridge Public Schools:

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