Mark Flanagan

Mark Flanagan
2009 Candidate for Cambridge City Council

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21 Brookline St. #209
Cambridge, MA 02139

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Mark Francis Flanagan
Raised in Framingham, Massachusetts, Mark Francis Flanagan has strong family ties to Somerville and Cambridge throughout his life. A former Division I gymnast and equipped with a degree accounting, Mark was a coach for over two decades and owned three gymnastic training facilities. Mark Francis Flanagan self-identifies as an athlete, educator and entrepreneur.

In 2005 Mark served a brief incarceration. During those short 63 days, he learned the cost of bad choices. Mark changed this misfortune into a valuable lesson. Upon release Mark got to work. While in the Carey program based out of the Multi Service Center in Cambridge, his volunteer project resulted in his own talk show "What's Really Going On" will be entering its fourth year. The program's topic, which is recovery, carries a powerful spiritual message. Mark wears many other hats as well. He manages the building and grounds at is a Resident Advisor at North Charles Inc. and a Stephen Minister, a non-denominational ministry that provides care to people hurting from some life event or trauma in their lives. In addition he is currently completing Master of Divinity Degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Mark knows too well what is required for restoring ones life. It is in this spirit of self-renewal that he has found inspiration and commitment to the community. His goal is to help protect, strengthen and expand cost-effective services for persons recovering from challenges such as unemployment, homelessness and mental health issues. Whether or not he is elected to City Council in 2009, Mark Francis Flanagan is committed to serving Cambridge. This wonderful City has enabled him to experience real change in his own life and the life of others.

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Boston, Ma. (M.DIV) *
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Ma., (B.A., Accounting)
U.S. Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT (Electrical Engineering & Physics)
*third year candidate

1984-1986 Biology Teacher, Framingham High School, Framingham, Ma.
1981-2004 USA Gymnastics Coach and CEO of three Schools of Gymnastics
2005-Current Church Sexton, First Church UCC, Cambridge, Ma.
2006-Current Producer & Host "What's Really Going On?"(CCTV)
2008-Current Residential Counselor, N. Charles Inc, Cambridge, Ma

Top Priorities
1 Housing: Cambridge is an exceptional city to live in. Its desirability coupled with changes in rent control laws have caused real estate values to increase at a phenomenal rate over the past decade, bringing the city more revenue. However, the changing market coupled with a volatile current economy has made gentrification, homelessness and near homelessness a dire problem. Fair housing is a critical issue and cannot be ignored.

2 Coordinating Services: Efforts need to be focused on coordinating fire & police departments, EMT/ambulance companies and social services serving indigent and high risk populations. This would be part of an effort to maximize efficiency while controlling spending.

3 Keeping Commercial Areas Clean and Safe: Providing public restrooms along the major squares in the City of Cambridge to prevent the misuse of restrooms in restaurants and other business establishments. General maintenance of commercial areas, particularly in Central and Harvard Squares clean, safe and financially viable.

4 Educating and Supporting Youth: Cambridge needs to re-examine solutions to problems such as drop out rates, drug use and violence. More programs that support enrichment, high school completion, and entry into higher educational programs for all youth and in particular, those at high risk are imperative. The city might also consider building more viable reciprocal agreements between public schools and local colleges and universities.

5 Public Spaces: Cambridge has many beautiful public spaces including the Charles River, Bike Trails, etc. It is of concern that many open spaces such as the Cambridge Common have become camp grounds for the homeless. Not only is it a moral imperative that the city assist in finding these individuals decent housing, but these open spaces are heavily visited by tourists and therefore impact the local economy.

6 A Greener City
In addition to encouraging options for recycling, there are many opportunities and incentives for collaborations with companies such as NSTAR for more green and cost-effective approaches for using energy resources. Everyone from City Hall, to businesses and households might be encouraged to go green.

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