Richard Harding

Richard Harding
2007 Candidate for Cambridge School Committee

Home address:
187 Windsor St.
Cambridge, MA 02139

Contact information:
Tel: 617-354-3164

Send contributions to:
Committee to Elect Richard Harding
PO Box 391321
Cambridge, MA 02139

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1) Background:

2) Top Priorities:

3) School Department Administration:

4) Superintendent Thomas Fowler-Finn's Contract - Based on what you know today, would you support an extension of this contract and, if so, for what term and under what conditions?:

5) Controlled Choice, Student Assignment Policies, and the "Achievement Gap":

6) Enrichment Programs:

7) Enrollment and the Marketing of Public Schools vs. Charter Schools and Private Schools:

8) Elementary Schools and Curriculum:

9) High School Programs and Curriculum:

10) School Department Budget and Capital Needs (including CRLS renovations), and the Disposition of Surplus Buildings:

11) MCAS and Measuring Student Achievement:

12) School Safety and Student Behavior:

13) Parent Involvement and School Councils:

14) Other:

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