Gregg Moree
2007 Candidate for Cambridge City Council

Home address:
25 Fairfield St.
Cambridge, MA 02140

Contact information:
Tel: 339-237-5310

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Committee to Elect Gregg Moree
25 Fairfield Street
Cambridge, MA 02140

My name is Gregg Moree and I have lived my whole life in Cambridge. My family has always been a part of this city. My grandfather helped found the orthodox church in central square. My uncle Joe Sakey was director of the Cambridge Public library.. I worked for 25 years as a carpenter and I can point out all the buildings in Cambridge I helped to build. It makes me proud having a so many connections to my community. I want everyone who lives in Cambridge to be proud of that fact, but we need to give them the reasons back why they should be. Let Cambridge people continue our tradition in building this great city. Give a parent the chance to walk their child to a school they helped to build, let our citizens contribute. A chance to feel a sense of ownership and pride in our community. A chance to pass on a tradition.

Top Priorities:
Our retired and senior citizens built this city. Because of their lifetime of dedication and hard work we live in a world class city. Yet how are they being rewarded for this? Many seniors are being taxed out of their homes, or forced out of their neighborhoods as they face rising rents. 1 in 10 seniors in Cambridge are now living below poverty level. This is unacceptable. The City Council has not done enough. It is time for a change. I will fight for our Retirees and Senior citizens. So they have the resources for the care that they need and deserve. I think we owe them at least that.

Youth apprenticeship programs. There is a lack of options open to our young people as they begin new lives as independent adults. I am convinced many of our troubles stem from individuals unable to handle this critical transition. Apprenticeship programs gives young adults who cannot afford or do not want to go to college a chance at having a career. It also instills a greater connection to the community and sense of accomplishment.

Residency Requirements on construction and city jobs. 15 percent of the population of Cambridge is now living below poverty level. In contrast only 1.1 percent of people who work full time are living below poverty level. Itís simple. We need more jobs! Hundreds of millions of dollars is being spent on new construction in Cambridge, yet workers in Cambridge are unemployed. The work is there the City council needs to fight for the rights of working families in Cambridge. I will be that voice on the council.

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