Jamake Pascual

Jamake Pascual
2011 Candidate for Cambridge City Council

Home address:
10 Laurel Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Contact information:
Tel: 617-945-5227
or 1-857-236-3725

website: www.comeandgetit.biz

e-mail: jamakepascual@rocketmail.com


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  1. I am one of the last descendants of the Tiano & Arawak or the people of the peace and the people of the brave.
  2. Living without fear of our own people, staying strong and healthy, and helping change our ways.
  3. The quality of life today in the city of Cambridge is very unhealthy from air, water, food supply, housing, life style, and family separation & degeneration.
  4. Time for new systems to be put in place it's 2012 we need new ideas.
  5. Corrupted and abused by all party's involved we may need to start a new, or change fast.
  6. Plan E is a way our government can cover up the corruption that has been going on for years now.
  7. I was at a land trust meeting recently where William-Bob Healey joked about selling the Cambridge Commons because their is noting left to sell. We need systems in place to insure this never happens again.
  8. Cambridge is rich you haven't heard the city is moving around $500,000,000 in 2012!!!
  9. We can only work on one thing at a time, fix the government then work on the city.
  10. The government sold them to developers years ago ask about it.
  11. All 3 things are inter-related to each other. When I become city councilman that will help change the environment, we can work on re-use able energies, and create a healthier person.
  12. Time to start a new system when it comes to housing people in Cambridge and around the world.
  13. Once we get some things changed then I will have time to create and in joy life riches.
  14. Separation of school and city halls across the board.
  15. Need more people to stand up for there rights as a human.
  16. Time to stop teaching untruths and teach things that people can grow from.

Remarks from flyer distributed at Aug 31, 2011 Candidate Forum

Platform: The platform I run on is based on all of us working together so we can get our unhealthy past under control. All of us learning from what brought Cambridge, MA into the situation we are in today as a city, and what must be done to get us out of our stagnation, while working with each other looking forward onto a grand future for everyone.

Education: More has to be taught with today in mind. We need classes that will create skills for people to function in this idea of society, time and place. Health classes are going to be essential. As well as keeping today in mind, we will need to look to the future by examining our past.

Health: Our diets will play a vital role in how we live our lives. Exercise helps balance ourselves combining all with meditation or deep thought can get us back to our greatest true selves.

Environment: Working together on common goals, we can get so much more done than in the past. I would like to start locally, transforming our environment into a healthy place for all to emulate. The plan is to work with more natural-reusable and organic substances to help us head this course.

Addictions: We are going to have to use all of our past experiences to help expand the education and information about addictions. This will include all of our local resources as far as new programs in place to help all the different addictions. From this I'm hoping to expose the truth when it comes to any addiction.

Community: We will all need to get more involved in building what it is we call a community.

Future Plans: Let's make some!


The Beast

In us all we find our own down fall
Shot in the face by the mistakes we make
Or held to a cross by only a stake

It may seem like only a prick to you all
but some of our scars never heal at all

The beast can come out
Day or night
Looking for trouble and wanting to fight

Some control it better than others
And it might only come out when their mind is cluttered
Balance is the key
so the beast is necessary
Respect it, appreciate it, and never underestimate it.

Jamake Pascual

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